About The Forest Bathing Circle

I am Eefje Ludwig, founder of The Forest Bathing Circle and FTI certified forest bathing guide. I take you into nature and help you to make contact with nature and with that with yourself and each other.


As a child, my best friend nicknamed me 'tree'. Maybe because I was a quiet child. But probably because I grew up in the woods in the east of the Netherlands. The forest was my playground, my teacher, my world, my safe place. The trees and the forest animals were my friends.


During my development into a young adult, the forest became a boring place for me. I distanced myself from nature. I lived in cities. I studied photography and obtained a master's degree in Educational Science from the University of Amsterdam. I traveled and lived abroad. Built a career in documentary photography as a photographer, curator and trainer. For years I worked as a manager for a Dutch non-profit organization. I started a family but finding a place that I could call home was a challenge. Gradually I found out that my feeling of being at home went hand in hand with being in nature and more specifically, the forest. The forest has taken root strongly in me.


In 2019 I lived in Portugal, facing the Atlantic Ocean. I experienced how healing it was for my body and especially mind to live by the ocean. I found out that this place, this form of being in touch with nature calmed me down and let my life and creative energy flow freely again. The same year, forest bathing came my way and I decided to train as a certified Forest Bathing Guide at the Forest Therapy Institute.


At the beginning of 2020, back in the Netherlands, I started The Forest Bathing Circle. Since then I have been able to guide more than 200 people and introduce them to the power and beauty of forest bathing. For me, every experience brings a new layer of depth to my connection with nature. I think I have become addicted to the practice. Once you know how it works, there doesn't seem to be any going back.


As a forest bathing guide, I hope to help those who accompany me to connect with ourselves and the natural world around us in new and surprising ways.

For whom?

How does forest bathing work?

What are the benefits?

Everyone can bathe in the forest. I guide individuals, groups, couples, corporate teams and families. Please contact me to discuss what I can do for you.

I guide sessions on location or remotely with the help of an audio guide or via Zoom. Do you want to read more about what forest bathing is? Go to FAQ on this website.

Forest bathing can be good for your physical, mental, social and environmental well-being.