FAQ General

What is forest bathing?


The term forest bathing or forest bathing is a literal translation of the Japanese word Shinrin Yoku, which means bathing in the atmosphere of a forest. Forest bathing is a slow(guided or non-guided) practice in nature that allows you to relax, reduce stress and strengthen your natural connection through a sensory connection with that same nature. It is an embodied experience in nature where you use your senses to connect. You get out of your head, into your body and feeling. Forest bathing is also called forest therapy because of the healing properties of the forest and the healing effect of being in and with nature. Scientifically, this beneficial effect of forests and green nature has been proven many times.


What can forest bathing be good for?


A lot of scientific research has now been done showing that forest bathing has a positive effect on various areas of your well-being. Forest bathing can have the following effects:

  • Boost for your immune system

  • Reset your nervous system

  • Lowering your blood pressure

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improve your sleep and overall mood

  • Strengthen your concentration, cognitive functioning and self-confidence

  • Increase problem solving and creativity

  • Reduce and restore feelings of social isolation

  • Providing clarity in relation to the meaning of life and strengthening a sense of gratitude

  • Strengthen and activate nature conservation behavior.


Is forest bathing comparable to mindfulness, for example?


Mindfulness is about the art of being present in the here and now. By directing your attention more often, you learn to distance yourself from the spins in your head. This is also encouraged by and through forest bathing. However, the forest bathing method does not necessarily encourage any particular way of paying attention to or how to relate to the content of your mind. It makes no effort to stay away from or distance yourself from your thoughts or emotions that arise. Forest bathing is an invitation to connect with your senses and encourage a personal response in a spontaneous way. It allows a relationship with the other, with life.


What types of forest bathing do you have?


You will encounter forest bathing in many different forms. Of shorter or longer duration. In the forest, park or by the sea. With other people or solitary. With a focus on improving your physical health or your mental well-being. Accompanied or unaccompanied. However, every form of practice will revolve around immersing yourself in a natural environment, the delay, getting out of your head in your body, being in the here-and-now and using your senses to connect with nature, and with that yourself, to engage. There is no unambiguous form. And that's a good thing, because the beauty of forest bathing lies precisely in the fact that it is different every time. Nature is different every time and everywhere. The days, seasons, weather conditions. And last but not least, you and your needs are unique. The Forest Bathing Circle offers:

  • Public physical guided group sessions at various locations in the Netherlands. Anyone can register for these sessions.

  • Private, physically guided group sessions on location in and outside the Netherlands as desired. These sessions are completely tailor-made.

  • Remote guidance through audio guides and online courses.


How fit do I have to be for forest bathing?


Forest bathing is very accessible and suitable for everyone, it is not physically strenuous. You don't need any special skills or clothing, just an open attitude and the will to consciously connect with the natural elements. Although you do not walk many kilometers and it is about relaxation (not so much effort), you often walk and stand for a longer period of time. Depending on the shape and where you go for a forest bath, it is therefore nice if you have good mobility. In the physically supervised sessions I always take the capacities of the participants into account.


How old do you have to be to do forest bathing?


Forest bathing is for young and old. You must be 12 or older to participate in the public physically supervised sessions. If you are interested in guided forest baths for children under 12, please contact me. I also guide groups of children and families.


Why should I go forest bathing with a guide?


An advantage of forest bathing under my guidance as a certified guide is that the method follows a deliberate structure and design. I can help you slow down and keep your mind on the present, something most people find difficult to do on their own. In the case of the physically guided sessions, I also have knowledge of the trails and locations that lend themselves well to forest bathing. In addition, I was trained as a guide in providing a safe and non-judgmental environment for people so that sharing and connecting is actually possible. Just like the environment, the seasons and the weather, the people we work with, every session is different. Also, since the reasons for forest bathing can vary there is no no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why I adapt each experience in the physically guided sessions to the specific circumstances, possibilities and needs.



FAQ public physically guided sessions

What does a public physically supervised session look like?


In a forest bathing session, I will guide you on a seemingly simple journey that can have a surprisingly powerful effect. During a session of around three hours you use your senses to experience nature and the forest. We slow down and walk very little. It is therefore not a walk as we usually do. As a guide, I will invite you to participate in certain activities called "invitations" that will help you get out of your mind and connect with your body and increase your feelings and your senses. There are a number of times when you have the opportunity to share your experiences with the group, but this is not mandatory. At the end of the session we drink tea with a small snack.


How many people are in a group for a physically supervised session?


The groups are usually between 4 and 12 people, with a maximum of usually 12 participants per group. This is always stated with the specific session. If there are less than 4 participants, I will cancel the session and you can either get your money back or use your purchased ticket for another session.


Do I have to communicate with other participants?


During a public session, there are a number of times when I invite students to share observations and experiences. There is no requirement to do this. Sharing experiences and observations is done in a safe and non-judgmental environment so that connecting is actually possible. There is no conversation or discussion about what each person shares. If you prefer to experience a guided session without these moments of sharing in the group, then a private session may be more suitable for you. You can also experience my guidance through the audio guides that I have developed.


What if it rains?


When it rains, the sessions will continue, even if it pours. Rain can also create favorable conditions for the sensory and sensory experience. It is of course important that you dress well.


When is a scheduled session canceled?


In extreme weather conditions ( code orange or red KNMI ), thunderstorms and / or from wind force 6, with or without wind gusts and / or temperatures> 29 ° C and <7 degrees, the session will be canceled. In case of illness of the guide or other calamities, the activity will be moved to another date and a session will be canceled if less than 4 students have registered. In case of cancellation you can participate in another session with your purchased ticket or choose to get your money back. Read more about this in the General Terms and Conditions.


Is there anything I should bring myself?


Yes, your own drinking water, a mat or cloth / bag to sit on and if you want a snack. At the end of the session, we will hold a short tea ceremony with a light snack also offered. If you like to take notes during a session, you can also bring a notebook and pen. Depending on the weather conditions, you can, for example, bring sunscreen, anti-insect spray and suitable clothing. I will inform you about this prior to the session.


What if I am late or have to leave early?


I will wait at the meeting point for a maximum of 5 minutes. If you know in advance that you will be late, please contact me in time. If you're planning to leave early for whatever reason, it's good to know in advance.


What if I have to go to the toilet during the session?


There is no toilet at some of the locations where I supervise sessions. At these locations you will be able to relieve yourself in nature. There is always ample opportunity to withdraw and find that space.


Can I bring my phone?


Yes, you can take your phone with you, even though I recommend that you leave it at home. I will ask you to turn your phone off or on silent. If you want to take a photo during the session, you can do so without disturbing other students.


Where do I register?


You can register and buy a ticket via the overview of upcoming events on this site. I use your email address to send you more information in advance about the session, where we meet and what you can take with you. Read more about the use of your data in the privacy statement .


What is the refund policy?


Once booked and paid activities cannot be canceled. However, your place can be passed on to someone you know. You can inform me of this no later than one day in advance via theforestbathingcircle@gmail.com. If you do not show up on the agreed date, time and place without having communicated a cancellation, you will lose the right to participate at another time. A new reservation will then have to be made.


Are the sessions nuts and gluten free?


The session provides a snack, but I cannot guarantee it will always be nut-free or gluten-free. If you have any allergies, please let me know when you sign up and I will do my best to accommodate.


Does the guide have a first aid certificate?


Yes, i have that. As a guide, I always have a first aid kit with me.


Is the guide insured?


Yes. I am insured as a guide. When you buy a ticket, you agree to the terms and conditions which also include a liability clause.


FAQ private physically guided sessions

When can a private, physically supervised session be nice?


Perhaps you have something to celebrate with a group of people, or you prefer to receive 1-1 physical guidance from me. In principle, a private session can be designed and given for anyone, anytime, anywhere. To give you an idea, I guided groups of friends who wanted to celebrate a birthday or a baby shower in a special way. Forest bathing is also a very nice method to use as a connecting team outing. Or as a children's party. I also like to accompany sessions during retreats or events where it fits. The possibilities are endless.


Please contact me to discuss the options and prices.

FAQ forest bathing audio guides

How does forest bathing work with the audio guide?


The audio guide has a duration of between 60 and 90 minutes. During this time I will guide you in guided meditations, visualisations and short exercises, so-called 'invitations', that help you to connect and connect with nature and yourself through your senses. All you need is your phone with the audio guide on it and a pair of headphones of which you keep one earpiece in and the other earpiece out. That way you can hear my voice but also the ambient sounds. You choose a place and time where you go for a forest bath. If you would like tips and advice, you can always contact me.


Why can an audio guide be a nice form of accompaniment?


The advantage of this form of guidance may be that you can do it entirely in your own time and at your favorite place in nature. Since you receive the audio file, you can use it indefinitely and you do not need an internet connection or good reception to listen to the audio guide. Even if you prefer to go forest bathing alone, without other people, this audio guide can be nice. In the future I will regularly offer a new audio guide that you can purchase separately or automatically receive each time in the form of a subscription.

Is your question not listed here? Please contact me and I will help you further.