Audio Guides

Forest bathing with the audio guide can be nice if you prefer to go forest bathing alone in a place that you choose and also at the time that suits you.


Forest bathing in a place in nature that you already know can give an extra dimension to your nature experience there and to your connection with that place and natural world. The audio guide makes it easy to do it in the place you already know well.


The invitations or assignments have been carefully chosen so that they are in principle suitable for every location and circumstance (unless specifically indicated in the description and focus of the relevant audio guide).


  • After purchasing through the Shop on this website, you will receive the audio (mp3) file that you can use unlimitedly.

  • The audio guides have a duration of between 80 and 120 minutes. That may sound long, but research shows that to experience the most optimal effects from forest bathing, a session should last at least 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • The audio guides are available in both English and Dutch.

  • Each audio guide begins with a brief introduction to forest bathing, or the guide's theme or focus, and then progresses into a series of invitations, meditations and visualizations appropriate for any time and place.

  • Since you receive the audio file, it is not necessary to have WiFi or good reception at the place where you go forest bathing.

How does forest bathing with an audio guide work?


  • After downloading the audio guide (in mp3 file) you put this file on your smartphone. 

  • You use the audio guide in a place in nature where you feel comfortable. This could be a place you know well or a new place. With the audio guide you can take guided sessions in a forest, but this is also possible in a park, your garden, or another natural environment. Ideally, this is a quiet place without too many distractions.

  • In addition to your smartphone with the audio file on it, you bring headphones. When you are out in nature and ready for your guided forest bathing session, put in one earpiece of your headphones and leave the other earpiece out. That way you hear both the audio guide and the sounds around you.

  • Then you follow the audio guide. Relax, experiment and enjoy.