Terms and Conditions

Booking and payment conditions


Public physically guided forest bathing sessions & online guided sessions

  • Registration and payment is done via this website. From the moment the participant has booked and paid, the reservation is final. After receipt of payment, The Forest Bathing Circle will contact the participant.

Private and tailor-made sessions

  • After discussing the participant's wishes, The Forest Bathing Circle will send a quotation that must be approved. At this moment the reservation is final. After the activity, The Forest Bathing Circle will send an invoice that must be paid within 30 days of receipt


Cancellation policy


Public physically guided forest bathing sessions & online guided sessions

  • By participant: once booked and paid activities cannot be canceled. However, your place can be passed on to someone you know; please notify me of this at least one day in advance via theforestbathingcircle@gmail.com (or 06 - 38544251). If the participant does not show up on the agreed date, time and place without having notified a cancellation, the participant loses the right to participate at another time. A new reservation will then have to be made.

  • In case of calamities: in case of illness of the guide (Eefje Ludwig) or other calamities, the activity will be moved to another date. If the new date is not convenient for the participant, they can choose to receive the money back.

  • Cancellation in case of extreme weather conditions ( code orange or red KNMI ) and / or from wind force 6 with or without wind gusts and / or temperatures> 29 ° C): activities will be canceled. You will be notified by email at least one day in advance.




All information provided by participants during the activity will be treated confidentially. Participants themselves are also expected to treat the information of other participants confidentially. What is said within the group stays within the group.




Participants in activities:

  • Recognize the risk that outdoor activities, in natural environments, can entail risks, be it personal or material for themselves or third parties

  • Are aware that in some cases the activities take place at locations where, in the event of an accident, the emergency services can take longer to arrive.

  • Recognize that The Forest Bathing Circle and its guides will always avoid safety hazards where possible, but will not affect unpredictable risk factors.


Participants in activities declare that they agree that The Forest Bathing Circle, as organizer of the activity or event, cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered.


By registering and participating in an activity, the participant agrees that:

  • he / she is aware of the risks of the activity and participates voluntarily in the activity

  • he / she respects the rules and guidelines set by The Forest Bathing Circle, as well as follows recommendations and instructions; for his / her own safety, that of the others (participants or non-participants) and for the setting where the activity takes place, be it a public natural environment or private area.


The Forest Bathing Circle takes no responsibility for inappropriate behavior of the participants during activities or for damage caused by a third party (participant or no participants) or the natural environment.


The Forest Bathing Circle and its guide are in possession of Business Damage Liability insurance.


The Forest Bathing Circle and its guide is in possession of a First Aid Diploma.




The times of the activities are indicative and based on ideal circumstances. These times can be reduced or changed due to weather conditions. There is a 5-minute tolerance policy so that all participants can arrive at the place as indicated under 'meeting place'.


Copyright and Property Rights


The texts and images on this website, the corporate identity, all online and offline study material and all exercises are copyrighted by Eefje Ludwig of The Forest Bathing Circle ©. Participants in the public and private forest baths and events declare that they agree to this copyright and intellectual property right by participating.


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