Experience the healing and inspiring power of nature

What is forest bathing

Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is a practice where you take in nature through your senses. It is an accessible way to come to yourself and moreover to explore and deepen your connection to nature. The healing and inspiring powers of nature let you do their work during forest bathing.


My story

I am Eefje Ludwig, founder of The Forest Bathing Circle, FTI certified forest bathing guide. I will take you into nature and help you (again) make contact with nature and yourself. In nature, I help you slow down and keep your thoughts on the present, something that most people find difficult to do on their own. In the case of the physically guided sessions, I also have knowledge of the trails and locations that lend themselves well to forest bathing. As a guide I have been trained in providing a safe and non-judgmental environment so that connecting is actually possible.


As a guide I offer the framework and tools, you and nature do the rest.

Experiences with The Forest Bathing Circle

Group guidance on location

The Forest Bathing Circle itself organizes public group sessions on location every month where you can get acquainted with Shinrin-yoku or deepen your practice.

Tailor-made forest bathing sessions

Not only the approach and structure, with accompanying exercises and focus, but also the location and duration of the session can be adjusted. A private session or workshop is designed according to your needs. Please contact me to discuss what I can do for you.

Remote guidance

With The Forest Bathing Circle Audio Guides you can guided forest bathing sessions at the time and place that suits you best. The online course offers you the opportunity to deepen your authentic and unique nature connection and to integrate it into your daily life.


"I am still reminiscing about last Sunday's session. After reading the book and really experiencing what forest bathing really means, I understand more what BEING in nature can mean for a person, what a great value that could be. Thanks again for your guidance in this "

- Leander

"Together with my husband I experienced a guided session. We enjoyed it very much. Eefje is a professional guide who gives everyone the space to have their own experience. It touched me to experience the forest through my senses. I cannot waiting to go again! "

- Sasja

"I would wholeheartedly wish everyone the experience of forest bathing. Especially under the guidance of Eefje, who supports you honestly and professionally in your first steps. It was a very valuable experience last night!"

- Fokko

"A forest bath feels like stepping out of another era, back to where I originally come from. Busy all day, full of tasks, everything seems so important. During the session all these thoughts and feelings disappear, and the agitation gives way. for peace and joy. After the  forest bathing session I felt very relaxed and at the same time more energetic and with a sharper insight. It works for a long time. "

- Marloes

"What a beautiful magical journey! Eefje is a great guide on a (re) discovery journey of nature and yourself! Thank you!"

- Leo